Day 3 – Video logs

Here are some videos of Day 3.  It was a busy day and a lot was accomplished.  Walking, rollin’, playing with dog friends, and taking the trip over to the X-ray room. Check out the stiches and butterfly bandages! Getting moved out of bed; They just keep forcing you to walk here; Time to break out of the room. Finally!… Read more →

Day 3 – Gallery

Big day today.  Walked a few more feet and had some food.  Was expecting some stomach sickness today but made it by without any.  Also, all the wires, tubes, and electronics were disconnected so there was some freedom to stretch. At noon we rolled in style down to the X-ray machine to see how the new hardware looked. Everything looked… Read more →

New X-rays and the New Hardware

Introducing the new and improved spine!  X-rays were taken today and they show the huge difference in curve. Here is an X-ray from before the surgery. For those of you with an interest in gross stuff (everyone else look away), we measured the incision and it officially came out as 13 inches. Much smaller then expected.  More importantly it is… Read more →

Day 2 -Video Summary

Here are some fun (and not so fun) videos of day 2. Here is one of the monitors that likes to make beeping noise all the time. Here is the first sitting up position. Look! Extra inches! It wasn’t fun to get up and walk, but it was immediately noticeable that there was some extra height going on. Boom! The… Read more →

Day2 -PostOP gallery.

June 3, 2015; Some pictures of the day. If you want to see the back stitches then read on. It has been a very slow and sleepy day. There was not a lot of rest taking place last night. There were monitors beeping, circulation pumps pumping, blood pressure machines going off, and a general non-stop attack on the senses by… Read more →

Day 1-PostOP Fun…or not

June 2 2015; Get ready for the “Z” reality show. No scripts or planned shots. Just doing it as it happens so get ready. Here are some videos of the postOP as well as some pictures. Please do not share these on any Social Media sites. First impressions right after the recovery room. Some juicy painkillers doing a real nice… Read more →