Scoliosis Info!

My Scoliosis Story!

Hey! I’m Zoe! I’m 15 years old and I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 in August 2012.

My curve was a 30 degree (on top) S curve and I was really surprised. Just looking at me you couldn’t tell that I had scoliosis at all! I was told that I needed to wear a “rigid brace”, and at first I was pretty upset. But trust me, you get used to it very fast! It becomes part of your routine actually — almost like you can’t sleep without it! Mine was pretty cool too — it was tye-dye rainbow! So I wore my brace 23 hours a day for about a year, and when I went to my orthopedist one day he told me that based on my pelvis maturity (risser sign) that I didn’t have to wear my brace anymore! I was so excited, and for about a year I was living totally normal without it, just with a few back pains.

Then, recently in January 2014, I went to my orthopedist again to find that my curve had increased to 50+ degrees! I also found out that I would need spinal fusion surgery 🙁 . This is a procedure involving getting 2 titanium rods and a few screws in my spinal vertebrae to not only straighten out my whole spine, but to also prevent my spine from curving more! I’m getting the surgery next summer (2015), and here I plan to make vlogs and blog entries before, during, and after my surgery!

For those of you who have scoliosis or are having spinal fusion, join me on this blog in my own scoliosis journey!